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Civic HID 5000k

My civic has HID now! I'm a big fan of the color, just a bit of purple in with paper white-- doesn't look shady like some I've seen. This is a PnP HID application, and on this car the lights have good cutoff and I have not been flashed once. They don't throw the light as well as a projector, but it's much better than before and I'm very happy with it.

Always make sure your cutoff is good and well aimed before doing a PnP kit!

Video was taken in the late evening so that the color would be minimally confounded and as true as possible. Even so, remember that a photo or video of HID does not represent it perfectly!

If you have any questions about the install, etc, feel free to ask!

(I had to put in the trance music because this is after all a Civic).