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CTR, NK Team EK9 2005 May

Stop Saying shit abt this video!

This Car was made 6 years ago, and this video was made 3 years ago. By that time, u might know NOTHING abt JDM! So... PLZ STFU on EK9, or CTR shit! u dont like it, u go make ur own homo video!
99 Spoon T1R Civic

96~98 cx body with no AC, no pwr steering, no pwr window, no ABS. 99 CTR front end and rear end. B16A2, defi meters, buddy club CF hood, Buddy club exhaust, recaro seats, J's racing style intake, Spoon CF wing, Spoon 4 piston brake, ITR strut bar, KGMM suspension, mugen paddle, spoon shift knob, CTR momo steering wheel, Alex C bar, ADVAN tire, 6500K HID kit, and more...

This project car was made at year 2002

Timeline of the ownership of this car:

2002 Spring, Car was made in Lethbridge, AB, Canada.
2003 Car owned by ppl living in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
2005 ownership changed to ppl living in Richmond, BC, Canada
2006 Car back to Lethbridge, AB, Canada.
2006 Fall, ownership of this car changed to ppl living in Calgary, AB, Canada
2007 Car was sold to ppl in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
2008 April, ownership changed to ppl living in Northbattleford, SK, Canada.
so far as i know... the car didnt change much since 2006.