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Q: I ownn a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD truck. I am unhappy with the light output of my lights especially the low beam light output. What HID kit would give me the maxium light output. Does HID bulbs or kits with ballasts installed cause you to lose my high beam light selection and which of these 2 conversions ( bulbs only or kits with bulbs and ballasts which require re-wiring ) works the best.
Kevin, September 2011

I looked up the headlight of your truck and it has separate low/high beam bulbs. If you install a low-beam hid kit it will not affect your high-beam.

If light output is important to you than pick up a kit with 4300k to 6000k color temperature bulbs. A 4300k kit will give you the most usable light output, higher ones will look "nicer", meaning they will have less yellow look to them with slight hint of blue/purple. Don't go higher than 6000k if you want usable light, anything higher and usable light output drops down fast, especially in the rain.

You will need a complete kit, which means both bulbs and ballasts. HID cannot operate without ballasts, anyone selling "HID" bulbs that plug directly to your existing housing is selling regular halogen bulbs simply painted blue.

Keep in mind that your headlight housings are not designed for HID output. Expect to be flashed at night since you will be producing a lot of glare for oncoming traffic. This can be avoided with headlight projector conversion but those involve extra costs and work.

Your low-beam uses 9006 bulb, make sure the kit you purchase is for that bulb.

Q: I just bought 2012 Hyundai Genesis(sedan) 3.8 and I'm wondering which HID conversion kit I need to replace high and low beam lights (kits with slim ballast) off course. Also I would like to instal LED bulbs instead my current fog lights.Which one do I need??? thanks a lot
Sasha, September 2011

Genesis Sedan uses H11B for low-beam, thatís the kit you want to look for to replace your low-beam. I believe Genesis comes with projector housings so it should work quite well, no blinding oncoming traffic.

As for high-beam the bulb is H7 but usually when doing both low/high beam conversion you would pickup a Bi-Xenon kit. These kits do both low/high beams with a single-bulb, like factory installations. Bi-Xenon kits shield part of the bulb while in low-beam mode and, mechanically, expose the entire bulb when high-beam is triggered. These types of kits are more expensive and will require installation work, but this is the proper way to do low and high beam hid conversion.

You will have to double check what your fog light bulbs are and see if there are LED versions available.