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October 2007

Independent study proves life saving potential Xenon car lighting from Philips

The study states that if all vehicles on German roads were equipped with Xenon car lights, 18 percent of all fatalities could be avoided, equivalent to more than 1,200 lives saved on Germany's roads alone each year.

The remarkable figures reflect the specific attributes of Xenon: a powerful light beam, which shines wider and longer than conventional headlights. Xenon lights give 200 percent more light than standard halogen lamps which helps improve night-time visibility for drivers while also improving ability to concentrate. As a result, the whitish-blue light of a Xenon headlight 'extends' the stopping distance by 30 - 50 meter due to the fact that the extra light allows dangerous situations to be detected sooner from the same distance.

'Xenon is an important technology that improves road safety and has the potential to significantly reduce road fatalities. We're delighted to see this confirmed by independent researchers,' says Hans de Jong, chief executive officer of Philips Automotive Lighting. 'On top of this, it uses just half the energy of alternative lamps, and it is a clear example of Philips improving people's lives with lighting.'

The study compares the probability of having an accident at night to the probability of having one at day with the same type of vehicle to eliminate the influence of other safety technologies on a vehicle. The result shows, that the probability of having an accident with Xenon light on motor ways and rural roads is significantly lower than for cars without Xenon light. In addition to the improved safety attributes, Xenon light also uses just half the amount of energy than other conventional car lighting, reducing the C02 emission of a vehicle by 1.3 g/km.

Philips is the world's leading manufacturer of Xenon car bulbs and its development and manufacturing operations for automotive headlights are headquartered in Aachen, Germany.

Source: http://www.ameinfo.com/133672.html

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