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October 2004

Xenon headlights are all the fashion: Greater safety and better visibility

More and more purchasers of new cars are opting for xenon headlights and more and more owners of older cars are upgrading their vehicles with xenon light. Experts in the car and automotive supply industries reckon that as many as 44 percent of all newly licensed cars in Europe will be equipped with this extra safety feature by 2005.

This means that in the near future almost half of all car drivers will be voluntarily helping to make the roads a safer place. Although only 28 percent of all accidents occur at night, the risk of such an accident being fatal is disturbingly high. One reason for this is the fact that our eyesight starts deteriorating after the age of 30. Speeds and distances are often misjudged.

Osram, the world�s largest supplier of automotive lamps, is keen to point out that the daylight quality of xenon light is particularly easy on the eye. With xenon headlights, drivers are more relaxed and do not tire as quickly. What�s more, these modern headlights shine much more light on the road ahead, and in a wider arc. Xenon lamps produce twice as much light as modern H7 lamps but need only two thirds of the electrical power.

Another argument in favour of xenon is that experts agree that vehicles with xenon light will command much higher prices on the used car market than ones without this safety feature. So anyone looking to buy a car now should tick the box for xenon headlights as an optional extra - unless of course they are already included in the standard specification. Cars can also be upgraded at any time with additional xenon headlights. Xenon light was initially offered only in flagship models but it has now filtered down into family cars.

Greater safety and better visibility
According to a study conducted in the USA, 92 percent of car owners questioned would have no hesitation in ordering xenon light when they next buy a new car. 81 percent mentioned the much better view of the road that xenon light gives, and 69 percent would warmly recommend xenon light to others.

Source: http://www.osram.com/appscom/cgi-bin/press/archiv.pl?id=284

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